Well, for most part it’s not. Nowadays, people tend to say whatever they want and people would believe it especially in social media. A little Baguio is supposed to be cold, with reasonable altitude and/or has a strawberry plantation. So, to say that this is a mini version of Baguio is a lie. What they fail to tell you is that it is a seed production area project of DENR (Pine Tree). The place is located at Bugtong Bato, Ibajay, Aklan via the new road at Jawili-Bugtong Bato. The place is not hard to find and accessible to any size of vehicle and it’s literally besides the main road if you want to stopover.

But the project itself is a good reason enough to visit the place especially if you want to roam around the area looking for a quiet and peaceful place since it is near the beach and a “bakhawan” park with century old mangroves, just 5-10mins away apart. The area has an average steep hill and around 600+ full grown trees planted in an organize pattern which is a fresh sight for visitors and even locals. A good 30 minutes stroll would be enough to past time and justify your happiness.

Just a reminder though, if you want to visit the place, please do not throw your trashes. I see people leaving they’re empty plastic bottles everywhere. Please keep it clean or else the DENR might close the area for these irresponsible acts. 

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